In younger days, I used to go about things in a slower, more methodical way. Life seems to have sped up as I’ve aged. This age of instant access and information has fueled my shortening attention span. I dislike taking days to transform the vision in my head into a piece of art now; I’d rather it travel from my brain to the canvas with one quick, giant stroke. It’s actually more like a blender with the top off rather than a giant stroke though… and I like it that way. I resist rigid planning of anything really, knowing that if my eyes aren’t open to the beauty that might be found within the distractions and accidents along the way, I won’t get to experience the joy of those unanticipated surprises.  - Kirk

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5-minute time-lapse video of The Murray Six







  "Red Dragon Returns" 24x36
    Jeff Harrison will be autographing posters of this 
    painting at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma on August 
    29, 2015. He'll be racing the Red Dragon for the 
    Gainspro/Bob Stallings Racing Team.

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      » Watch the time-lapsed painting video of 
         Red Dragon Returns